Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sensible Portions' Snacks: Veggie Straws

The Sensible Portions' Veggie Straws Original flavour are a healthier snack option that are actually very delicious! I'm eating them as I write this *munch munch munch*. They are very crunchy, light and hollow like a straw on the inside (kind of obvious, right?) with a very mild flavour.

Sensible Portions also have Potato Straws in Rosemary and Olive Oil and Salt and Vinegar flavours, and Apple Straws in Original Cinnamon flavour.

The Veggie Straws packaging boasts: No Artificial Ingredients, 0 Trans Fat, Cholesterol Free, No Preservatives.

Veggie Straws (Original) Ingredients: Potato flour (potato flakes, potato starch), sunflower oil, corn starch, tomato puree, spinach powder, salt, sugar, turmeric.

*For those who may be allergic please be warned that Sensible Portions products MAY CONTAIN MILK, SOY AND WHEAT. Please make sure to read the ingredients before consuming any new food products.

Per 68 straws (50g) - the ideal 'portion' - there are 240 calories, 13g of fat (0 trans fat, 0 cholesterol), 520mg sodium, 30g carbohydrates: 1g fibre, (0g sugar): 1g protein.

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