About the Restricted Eater

I have always loved food. Unfortunately, most of it doesn't love me back. There are days it seems there are more foods I can't eat than foods I can, and when I make exceptions or allowances I am met with disastrous consequences. I spend an awful lot of my time tirelessly searching for adequate replacements and struggling to get proper nutrition. I would like to share my experiences and limited wisdom with those foodies who may be suffering similar fates. It is one thing to chose a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle because of personal beliefs, and that has it's own challenges I am sure, but it is another thing entirely to have it foist upon you. However grim it is to have your edible options greatly diminished, I believe there is still a great deal of joy to be found in whatever food is left at your disposal, and a great deal of happiness and excitement when delicious and unexpected substitutes are found.