Saturday, November 12, 2011

Barbara's Fig Bars are Delicious!

I love me a fig newton any day anyhow (will have to try and make my own soon). These taste exactly like the ones from my childhood, the ones that weren't very healthy but were totally delicious, only these are healthy AND totally delicious! Sweetened naturally with fruit juice and low in fat, I wouldn't recommend pounding them back (like I'm trying not to - losing battle!) but they are a fabulous snack to go along with tea or coffee or just on their own. Glad I picked these babies up. Will be getting them again and again and again. There are different kinds too, I chose blueberry because I love them too. Two of the things I love in one place. I know they also have a whole wheat variety.

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  1. hi Erin,
    i stumbled your blog searching for vegan carrot cake. i'm glad i did. i enjoy your writing and am excited to try your recipes.
    all the best,